Britain plans to build seven new nuclear power plants

Banking on offshore wind as part of a new strategy to increase its energy independence following the Russian invasion of Europe, the UK could build seven nuclear power stations by 2050. “The idea is that, given what Putin is doing, we don’t want to live in a world where we depend on Russian hydrocarbons,” Kwasi Kvarteng said. Sunday TelegraphEmphasizing that “offshore wind, and nuclear in particular” were the “means of holding electricity generation capacity in the United Kingdom”.

After intense internal discussions, the government of Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to present its strategy on Thursday to reduce the UK’s energy dependence and achieve the goal of net zero emissions by 2050, according to the newspaper. government that we can do more on nuclear,” Kwasi Quarteng said. In 2050, “is a world where we have six or seven sites in the UK,” he continued. “It won’t happen in the next two years, But of course we can aspire to it. ,

Two new power plants by 2030

according to this Sunday Telegraph, the plan provides for the construction of at least two large-scale nuclear power plants by 2030, in addition to small modular reactors, while most nuclear sites in operation must be closed by this time frame. In contrast, hydraulic fracturing and onshore wind power will not have a central role in the new strategy, the minister underlined, due to the “strong local opposition” faced by these technologies.

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