Britain pays final tribute to Captain Captain Tom

The funeral of a Captain Tom, who died at the age of 100 in early February, was held at the Bedford crematorium on Saturday.

The United Kingdom paid a final tribute on Saturday to its protagonist Captain Tom, an elder killed in early February at the age of 100, during a funeral marked with military honors during the first imprisonment of caregivers. Praised for raising a record amount for.

Tom Moore’s coffin, draped in the British flag on which his medals rested, was taken to Bedford Crematorium (Central England) by six soldiers from the Yorkshire Regiment, the infantry regiment in which he served during World War II was.

Before the start of the ceremony, broadcast live on television, an aircraft involved in the conflict flew on the scene under the spring sun, while three salutes of honor were fired.

“You can go away, but your message and your soul bear”

But having applied to fight against the coronovirus since early January in the United Kingdom, only eight relatives attended the ceremony, private: their two daughters, their four grandchildren and their two step-sons.

“Dad, I’m so proud of you, everything you’ve done throughout your life, and especially in the last year, said his 50-year-old daughter, Lucy Teixeira.” You can go, but your message and your soul Have to endure, “she added to the funeral service, which opened with a song recorded by Captain Tom with star Michael Ball, the Liverpool anthem FC” You’ll Never Walk Alone, “which became mutual aid during the epidemic. symbol of.

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Aged 99 during the first imprisonment in spring 2020, Tom Moore initially set a modest goal of raising 1,000 pounds (1,153 euros) to help patients suffering from the virus to the National Health Service. To do this, he made a commitment to walk a hundred lengths of his garden before his hundredth birthday.

The Veteran’s image hovered over his walker and the British had a grip on moving at all costs and a sense of gratitude to the caretakers. The donation was then made and the veteran eventually raised around 33 million pounds (38 million euros), the largest amount raised by a single person during a charity walk.

“Earlier, at my funeral there was only a small line in the local newspaper.

His quality brought him to the rank of celebrity. He received military honors for his 100th birthday, before being released from imprisonment for the occasion, being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

After contracting pneumonia and coronaviruses, Captain Tom’s death at the hospital on 2 February paid tribute from the Queen to the White House and the U.N. “If there is one lesson I have learned to be with you for the past 13 years, it is the power of positivity and kindness,” testified her grandson, Benzie.

In keeping with Captain Tom’s wish, Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way”, “The Last Post”, stopped the ceremony after a minute of silence, before ringing for the dead in the army.

As an epitaph who made his career in production, “I told you I was old”, referring to British-Irish actor Spike Milligan, “I told you I was sick”.

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A message of sympathy was poured in by thousands of people in an online condolence book, asking the family to stay home as per government guidelines.

In a book he wrote, the final chapter of which was unveiled by the family before it was published on April 2, Captain Tom said he was “curious and touching” that his death made people cry that he didn’t know. “Earlier, at my funeral there was only a small line in the local newspaper.”

Defense Minister Ben Wallace said, “Some people may have heard of Sir Tom before this crisis, but his contributions and his examples now live on all of us.”

When permission is granted to imprisonment, his ashes will be buried in Yorkshire (North) in the family safe with his parents and grandparents.

Any reproduction is prohibited.

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