Britain mourns war hero of coronovirus, Captain Tom is dead

Britain has lost a hero. One of those inept heroes who least expect it. A soldier in the 100-year-old coronovirus war, a man who could barely walk with the help of a walker and who managed to revive the spirit of the entire nation in the darkest moment of the pandemic, which saw the symbol of hope and solidarity . . Sir Tom Moore has died and the entire UK has mourned the captain who managed to raise more than £ 38 million to thank the country’s health professionals for the effort put into the fight against Kovid-19 alone . And to overcome it were complications related to the disease that she herself had contracted in recent weeks.

He said, It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our dear father Captain Sir Tom Moore. We are very grateful to be with him in the last hours of his life, ”the children wrote on Twitter giving a sad declaration. “The last year of our father’s life was nothing short of extraordinary. He was rejuvenated and was experiencing things he had only imagined. He has lived in so many hearts, even if only for a short time, and for us he has been an incredible father and grandfather and will live forever in our hearts. And the last year of his life was truly extraordinary. During World War I, World War II veteran Tom Moore unexpectedly became a symbol of the nation last April. Therefore, in view of his hundredth birthday, he had ventured to visit his garden a hundred times, who needed a walker to walk. It was his way of saying thanks to the staff of the NHS, the National Health Service, who put him back on his feet after a bad leg in which he fractured his hip. His initial goal was to raise one thousand pounds to donate to NHS Charities Together, a group of charities for public healthcare personnel. The money, he said, would go to everyone working in hospitals, not only doctors and nurses, but also cleaners, ambulance drivers, receptionists. All. Because everyone was fighting a coronovirus war, as it unfolded in India and Myanmar during World War II.

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A simple and effortless gesture, a message that was apparently intended for some and reached the hearts of citizens around the world, not only of their compatriots. Captain Tom quickly became a celebrity, first through word of mouth on social media, then through the nation’s national media who immediately fell in love with him. In the first 24 hours they raised £ 70,000 and with the excitement growing day-to-day in just two weeks, the fundraisers had already reached a staggering £ 26 million, a figure which then surpassed 38 million. . Politics was not clearly seen and the government Boris Johnson He did not miss the opportunity to use his image and tried to elevate national pride to a “blast of solidarity” in a difficult time. The Queen Elizabeth Personally he had named him Sir and on his birthday the army paid him the Guard of Honor and in the sky, above his house, even the military aircraft of the Great War.

For her and her fundraiser for the British singer Michael ball He also recorded a version of You’re Never Walk Alone, You’re Never Walk Alone. And he continued to walk in his garden to raise money for the soldiers of the battle against Kovid-19, always leaning on his walker and wearing the coat of arms of the Duke of Wellington’s regiment, known to the regiment as these soldiers used to go. ‘The Iron Dukes’, Iron Dukes, of which he was a member. But now their journey is interrupted forever, Captain Tom, Sir Tom Moore has fallen into the battlefield, in a hospital suffering from coronovirus pneumonia, in this strange war that we are all fighting in a sense. In his own way, he was once again at the forefront and now on his final journey he would not only be an army soldier, but would wish the Guard all over the United Kingdom a good honor. All for Captain Sir Tom Moore.

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