Britain may allow basic autonomous driving by 2021

Many car manufacturers around the world are working on their autonomous driving systems and the technology behind them. Even Apple, if the rumors are to be believed, can work on a self-driving vehicle. However, it may be years before self-driving cars are legalized, although the UK may decide to give the green light by 2021.

In fact, the UK government has announced that it intends to allow the circulation of already “basic” self-driving cars by the end of the year. Of course, since genuinely self-driving cars are not yet available to buy, with the exception of Tesla, it is going to allow automakers and businesses to try their autonomous driving systems properly in the area, hence the city’s traffic. in between .

Having a large data pool to draw from will undoubtedly help companies refine their autonomous driving technologies; In addition, this green light will allow the UK government to develop its own rules and laws on autonomous driving and the technology behind it, noting that it is still a particularly fallow ground, which could lead to regulatory gaps is. That said, the UK government will start the program short and simple. In fact, the pilot program would be open only to self-driving cars equipped with automatic lane-keeping systems. This is a small step, but one that still represents substantial progress.

According to Transport Minister Rachel McLean, this is an important step towards the safe use of self-driving vehicles in the UK, which will make future travel easier, and more reliable. At the same time, however, it warns:

We need to ensure that this exciting new technology is implemented safely, which is why we are advising on what regulations should be in place to enable it

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