Britain is preparing to reopen pubs in the next phase to facilitate locking

Britain is progressing with the next stage of life after the crash, now government scientists are cutting the social distance placed three months ago to fix the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the declaration – to the delight of the weary nation – too much – medical experts made it shortly after the British admitted that if they were sitting side by side and wearing face masks, the distance guide of about six meters could be reduced. possible, The sun reported.

Johnson did not elaborate on the next phase, which will begin on July 4th, but has made it clear that he is eager to take the struggling economy back on track.

The streets of England opened up to a large crowd last week and London City Airport has been seeing traffic again after being closed to commercial flights for nearly three months.

There will be next bars, restaurants and hotels – and new rules for schools will be introduced, and in September, they could continue with classes with no more than 30 students.

The studies will allow the British to travel abroad without serious quarantine restrictions, which government officials call “bridges” to up to 10 countries.

Johnson is expected to remove the total lockout for more than 2 million British people who have been identified as “vulnerable” to catch the infection. The death toll in the UK is about 42,500.

Also Friday, the prime minister urged the British to overcome fear of coronavirus.

“We should start thinking about a world where we are less worried about this disease,” he said. “I hope people will be much, much safer when going towards autumn.”

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