Britain is not a corrupt country

nSaving the climate also won’t give Boris Johnson a place to breathe. When he traveled to Glasgow on Wednesday to spur talks, the opposition accused him of walking away from the “felt debate”. At a news conference at the COP26 centre, the prime minister was bombarded with questions about the misconduct of Conservative MPs prompting him to reassure an international audience that Britain was “not remotely a corrupt country.”

While many still speak of a “storm in a glass of water”, others see the political end of Johnson’s coming. Even the pro-government Daily Telegraph asked, “How did it go downhill so quickly?” The uproar over the “felt” crisis is mixed with anger over Brexit management and the party’s social democratization. But the moral debate hits the Tories at a particularly sore point.

Johnson’s rescue attempt fails

The allegations fit a pattern he has followed for decades and that Johnson wanted to openly address the socially disadvantaged. With former Environment Minister Owen Paterson and former Attorney General Geoffrey Cox discussing the two cases, the ugly image of the Tories who go into politics to make money is restored.

Patterson, who has since resigned from his parliamentary mandate, was accused of a mixture of interests by the Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards, as he repeatedly antichamber to pay him as a consultant for the two companies. Was. After Johnson failed in an attempt to save his fellow party members from being suspended by reforming parliamentary supervisory authority, the debate flared up in full swing.

Now the focus is on Cox, about whom shocking information keeps coming out every day. Not only did the lawyer defend companies that his own government suspected of money laundering, he also spent weeks in the Virgin Islands and took part – rarely – from the Caribbean in votes in the House of Commons. The Guardian calculated that Cox earned more than seven million euros in favor over the 16 years of his parliamentary term.

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