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Pathetic living conditions, constant police pressure … “Liberation” spent a week with men, women and children who are trying to reach England by all means. An increasing number of them are choosing to risk their lives to cross the ocean.

City with two faces. A few meters away from the summer atmosphere of its beaches, Calais remains the scene of human rights violations, condemned by local associations, against women, men and children who dream of crossing the Channel. In late July, Gerald Dormanin went there to celebrate a new financial settlement, badly broken by the British, that would serve to further strengthen the police barrier along the coast. A barrier whose hardening for twenty years does not succeed in slowing the movement of migrants willing to do anything for better living conditions. They would be 850 in the city, by the state, more than 2,000 according to the associations. Prevented from going to England, forbidden to live in Calais, they live in extreme uncertainty. over a week, release went to meet him.

Saturday July 24th, 2:08 am

“How are you? I am happy. My time has come: I am in England.” After two days without…

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