Britain insists on abandoning electric motorcycles for reconnaissance units

Conscience is good, and it has been well understood by many armies over the centuries. And the more modern the material, one of the major issues related to it is acoustics. Thus, it is in France that 16I The British Air Force Brigade is currently experimenting with the Sur-Ron Firefly, an electric motorcycle capable of developing 6 kW of power and reaching speeds between 65 and 72 km/h.

Even more practical, their electric motors connected by carbon chains allow them to be particularly discreet in the field. Especially since these motorcycles have another advantage, leaving few marks on the ground. Lastly, and it is also very useful, with only 47 kg on the scale, fireflies are quite easy to transport.

As Captain Dan Lauder explains electrek, One of the main reasons we are interested in using motorcycles is the need for air portability and, in particular, air drop. The advantage of such a small vehicle is that it can be mounted in the rear of the helicopter; You can pilot it from a helicopter; You can have several on the back of an airplane, and then, potentially, you can drop them from the back of an airplane via a parachute. “What to make the British army more efficient?

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