Britain imposes a quarantine on all people coming from abroad

The United Kingdom announced on Friday 15 January that it would apply as of Monday, in addition to a negative test for Kovid-19, a quarantine on all passengers arriving from abroad, to abolish exemptions granted to certain countries , Avoid contamination by new variants.

A second wave of pandemic hurts Britain, whose depression is responsible for a type of novel coronavirus identified in the country, and the government is attempting to increase the incidence through vaccination. The first dose of the vaccine has received more than 3.2 million people. After already declaring that a negative examination from Monday will be mandatory for arrivals from abroad, the government on Friday announced the expiration on the same date as countries that are allowed contamination at lower rates, such as the current In Japan or Australia.

«It is precisely because we hope for this vaccine and have been told of the risk of new strains from abroad that we must take more action now to prevent these steps from entering the country.Boris Johnson asked during a press conference to explain the new border measures. Therefore anyone arriving in the United Kingdom will be limited to ten days, a period that can be shortened with a negative screening at least five days after arrival.

Johnson has called on the British to follow strictly to prevent an increase in cases. “Think twice before getting out of the house this weekend and only do so if necessaryJohnson posted a video on his Twitter account. Images of densely visited parks in recent days have prompted authorities to repeat their call for caution. In one of these parks, in Leeds (Northern England), hundreds of people took part in a huge snowball fight on Thursday afternoon.

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Even though the number of new cases has decreased, the United Kingdom has recorded around 56,000 in 24 hours according to the latest report released on Friday. More than 37,000 people have been hospitalized, the climb continues and to a large extent it exceeds the peak of the first wave. More than 87,000 people died within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus (+1,280), the worst toll in Europe.

Next week, number of hospitalized and dead “Growth will continue“, Anticipates Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England, as effects of imprisonment”Take some time to feel yourself“. Scientists advising the government kept the virus fertility rate (R0) for the UK between 1.2 and 1.3.

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