Britain has banned some Boeing 777s from airspace

The decision follows the spectacular fire of the Boeing 777 engine over Colorado.

The UK Transport Minister announced on Monday that the United Kingdom has decided to ban its airspace for Boeing 777s equipped with engines involved in a spectacular fire in Colorado.

Britain has banned some Boeing 777s from airspace

«After the weekend’s troubles, the 4000-112 engines with the Boeing 777s Pratt & Whitney will be temporarily halted from the UK EuroSpace“Grant Schaaps wrote on Twitter, while the British Civil Aviation Authority clarified that these aircraft, submerged by the manufacturer, were not used by British companies.

A United Airlines Boeing 777-220, which flew from Denver (Colorado) on Saturday with 231 passengers and 10 crew members, had to immediately replace 10 crew members after a fire broke out in its right reactor. The aircraft was able to land safely at Denver Airport and none of its occupants were injured. As soon as Boeing returned to the airport, a barrage of some large debris fell in a residential area in Broomfield, a suburb of Denver. According to local authorities, no one was injured.

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