Britain expels Chinese journalists accused of espionage

Three Chinese nationals working as journalists in England were expelled from the country last year, the Daily Telegraph has revealed. MI5 (British Home Intelligence) reportedly found that these three individuals were actually employed by the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS). The information to the Guardian was confirmed by internal sources.

Very carefully done by the English secret services, the matter is imposed for the moment. While the three defendants were deported last year, the information is only now being made public, and it is unclear which media outlets these three people worked with (or claimed to have worked).

Stress and diplomacy

This information has been made public as a UK action on China. Chinese channel CGTN has recently lost its license to broadcast in the United Kingdom. The British audiovisual regulator, in fact, has assumed that the company Star China Media Ltd, which was granted this license, did not have editorial control of the channel, which is illegal. According to the COM, it was the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that decided exactly what the channel was showing or not.

Using the journalist’s position as a cover is not the first. In September 2020, it was revealed that a former MI6 (external intelligence) businessman was suspected of selling information to two Chinese spies posing as Brussels-based reporters.

As tensions between China and Britain escalate, MI5 is under pressure to move towards the People’s Republic without giving rise to diplomatic events.

Many members of the Conservative Party want the country to take a more aggressive approach towards China. According to the Guardian, the government would like to update the anti-espionage law in the spring, which has been in force since 1911 and was last amended in 1989.

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