Britain, Elizabeth II warns: Vaccination is a duty against Kovid

Vaccination is an “act od duty”, a duty. And he, Elizabeth II of England, who has always been guided by a sense of duty above all in his long life as emperor, has decided to violate a golden rule of neutrality and take a stand on the issue. Not vaccinating is an “act of selfishness”, he said in a video call with National Health System (NHS) personnel involved in the campaign, which has already reached about 19 million people in this country. Smiling (in those days that were not really easy for her), Elisabetta listened to her experience, defining it as “very fast”, “easy” and “painless”. She, who is 94 years old, and her spouse, nearly sentinel Prince Philip, who was in the hospital for ten days, were immunized at the beginning of the year at Windsor Castle, where they had actually lived since the onset of the epidemic.

Queen: “This is a war we all have to fight”

“This is a plague, a war we all have to fight,” he said, who remembers World War II well. These are not easy weeks for the head of state, who is, in fact, his lifelong companion, his lifelong partner, treating him as a person and telling him straightforwardly, without filters. Is authorized to be enabled. Do you think. Philip’s absence must have felt itself even in these days, having decided to divorce from any official role of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan within the Royal House. Meghan Markle’s full-length interview with Opra Winfrey will also air in the US next week.

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Pressure increases on hospitals

The vaccination campaign, which the Queen clearly supports, as noted, is paying off in the United Kingdom: the country has reduced the Kovid-19 warning level from 5 to 4 in the last hours. The risk of NHS relapse appears to be decreasing. Level 5 is triggered when “there is a risk that the health system is overwhelmed”; Level 4 certifies instead that it is associated with “a high or exponentially increasing contagion”.

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