Britain breaks European rules

The European Court of Justice ruled on Thursday 4 March that Britain had violated the European Union’s air quality regulations “Systematic and consistent»Limit levels set for nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

From 2010 to 2017, a period when the UK was part of the European Union, nitrogen dioxide levels (a pollutant associated with road traffic, especially diesel vehicles) in 16 areas of the country were above the legal limit, the Luxembourg-based institution concluded Extracted, in a decision consulted by AFP. “greater London“and you”Grand manchesterAre particularly concerned. Seized by the European Commission, the CJEU specifies that London has not adopted “appropriate measuresTo comply with “2008 Air Quality Directive and”Failed in its obligations“So overrun”As little as possible»

If London does not take measures to abide by the judgment of European justice, Brussels may formally order to do so, then refer to the CJEU for a second time to ask for financial sanctions. Despite leaving the EU in 2020, the UK can be fined for failing to meet its obligations as a member of the union. “It is not certain that the Commission is ready (to approve London). The UK is no longer in the EU», The environmental NGO ClientEarth is sorry to welcome the decision of the European justice system.

The organization had already obtained three rules from British courts condemning the government for crossing the authorized level of NO2. In December, a “The coroner“Londoner concluded that there was air pollution”Contribution»Nine-year-old girl suffering from severe asthma attack died in 2013 in London. While only sixteen regions have been identified by the CJEU since an initial report in 2014, some 33 UK regions (out of 43 in the country) are now experiencing extreme levels of carbon dioxide pollution, according to ClientEarth.

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«The government dragged its feet too long to ease the problem and remove the blame on the local authorities», Katie Needle, a lawyer working for an NGO. It calls for the normalization of areas where a taxable system keeps polluting vehicles away from urban centers, a measure implemented only in London.

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