Brigitte Macron’s false nephew requests benefits at a Moroccan palace

Thibault L., 35, nephew of Brigitte Macron, pretends to be the nephew of First Lady, Pierre-Olivier Costa’s staff, especially on nights in palaces or venues to benefit from Grand Australia’s Formula 1 prices on 2018 For. trips, reports Parisian. Once, a hotel establishment in Marrakech contacted the office of Pierre-Olivier Costa to confirm that it had received his email, sent from the address [email protected] A fake email address used by scammers.

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Investigators from the Shrewd Crime Suppression Brigade (BRDA) began investigating Thibault El and found that he had also impersonated Patrick Strozoda in a Moroccan palace or to gain profits with the company Air China. He did not act alone. Anne-Sophie K. are his associates. It reportedly supported the requests.

Judge Pascal Gastineau explained in his referral order, “The operating mode is characterized by a mutual referral mechanism between two accused. The idea is clearly to create a more credible approach that connects multiple people in different roles: Mrs. Macron Secretary of, Chief of Staff, Nephew … “

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In late March 2018, two associates contacted Tesla, a maker of electric vehicles, to inform them of the first lady’s desire to “integrate Tesla into the Elysian fleet.” Also, did they try to get a “Club 2000” or UAE card, for free plane tickets, to offer Tom Ford clothes or to privatize the Ritz Spa, is that right? “Many scams have failed and the financial damage is limited.”

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