Bridgerton Chronicle: Reggae-Gene Pages Back in Season 3?

After going Bridgerton Chronicle At the end of Season 1, reggae-gene Page was conspicuous by her absence in Season 2 of Netflix’s flagship period series. But now a new rumor is popping up: the actor may return in season 3 of the show.

Duke may be back! no, nothing to do with the movie The Big Lebowski The Coen Brothers, released in theaters in 1998, but the next season of Bridgerton Chronicle, a pastel and vintage pop series from Netflix that has been making the crowd uncontrollable. Hence, the character of Simon Bassett, embodied by actor Reggae-Jean Page, astonished the global streaming giant’s subscribers during the show’s first season in December 2020. And not only because of his complicated love story with Daphne Bridgerton. Rising Star by Phoebe Danever), but also and above all thanks to her charisma and her undeniable beauty.

Reggae-jean Page to leave La Chronice des Brijertons in 2021

However, despite the immense success of the series’ debut, Reggae-Jean Page made an unexpected decision: while Bridgerton Chronicle Renewed for a second season, he will not be a part of Queen Charlotte’s court and would prefer to leave the series. in an interview with Diversity At the time, he explains that he signed his contract thinking that the series would end after one season:

“I thought, ‘This is interesting’, because it felt like a limited series. I can participate, I can contribute, and then the Bridgeton family moves on. (…) I can only feel that excitement. And I want The Bridgerton Chronicle to conquer the world. But it’s also important to end these stories on a high note and to end.”

A mistake ? Perhaps. After going Bridgerton ChronicleThe British-Zimbabwean actor is struggling to find a project worthy of a name. If he is widely expected by bookmakers across the channel to take on the role of James Bond after Daniel Craig, the ax still hasn’t fallen. At the same time, he only got supporting roles in two blockbusters: gray manfrom the Rousseau brothers, scheduled for 2022, and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thievesfor 2023.

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Without him, The Burdgarten Chronicle It seems to be doing (very) well, with a season 2 that, according to Netflix, gets a better audience than the first, for a Duke of Hastings that is conspicuous by his absence, but by different characters. has been mentioned. If. Looking to resume a career that’s running out of steam has little solution for reggae-gene Page. Return to the show that made him famous? Not so absurd.

Is reggae-jean page back at La Chronice de Bridgerton soon?

Fans of the series and the Duke of Hastings are well clinging to their chair: Reggae-jean Page couldn’t end well Bridgerton Chronicle, It’s a rumor that comes straight to us from the United Kingdom, which – not always credible – is circulated by tabloids Sun And the hit Netflix may well announce the actor’s return in season 3 of the show. A source from the British newspaper suggests:

Reggae-Jean has always been very clear about her intention to leave the show after the first season and move on to other projects. But recently there has been a dialogue between her and the show’s owners. Not yet officially agreed upon. It happened, but keep an eye out.”

Information should be taken with tweezers, of course, as this is a rumour. Whether or not the Duke of Hastings returns to the screen, Season 3 of the period series will still focus on the relationship between Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington, aka Lady Whistledown (Nicola Coughlan). No change there.

Except that really… isn’t it?

But suddenly, this rumor may be nothing more than a tangle of inventions. Wednesday, June 22, celebrating his reunion with another actor Bridgerton ChronicleSeason 2 star Jonathan Bailey, the reggae-jean page, posted a snapshot on his Instagram account to mark the occasion. In the caption he writes: “The boys are back in town”, but that’s not all. As he takes the opportunity to answer this famous rumor. The actor announced:

“No, I’m not coming back to the series. This one, the newspapers invented it.”

This should disappoint fans of reggae-jean Page, who were delighted with the actor’s potential return to the series. Hopefully this rumor doesn’t lower his popularity ratings with English bookmakers for his possible arrival in the next James Bond.

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Source: Variety, The Sun

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