Bridgerton Chronicle: Confirms spin-off with 3 characters from Netflix Season 1

This new series will show the youth of Queen Charlotte

And Bella Bajaria is thrilled that fans of The Bridgertons know Queen Charlotte from the series. The head of television content at Netflix said in the statement: “Many viewers had never heard of Queen Charlotte’s story in Bridgerton before learning about it. I am glad that this new series helps develop his and Bridgerton’s narrative..

Sophie-Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who became Queen Charlotte, was born on May 19, 1744, and died on November 17, 1818. She was the grandmother of Queen Victoria and the current Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II. Along with King George III, he had 15 children (including 13 adults). She was only 17 when she was chosen to be the wife of King George III. So we tell ourselves that the story of the spin-off of Bridgertons chronicle May begin at that point. So the actors have to be young, so that actors and actresses look young around 17 years.

A spin-off that should show how interbreeding Bridgertons chronicle

Chris van Duson, creator of Bridgertons chronicle, Explained to TV mag thatThere is much evidence to suggest that Queen Charlotte, the wife of Mad King George III, was the first British ruler of color. Through her Portuguese ancestor, Margarita de Castro y Susa, “a woman of black nobility of African descent.” This hypothesis excited me: What if Charlotte had decided to raise subjects of color like her, giving her the title of nobility and land? This is how our Duke of Hastings was born He said, and interbreeding in general in the Netflix series.

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This by-product focused on the queen’s youth should allow us to show how this inbreeding was born. Shonda Rhimes’s philosophy has always been to select actors based on their talent and blindly, regardless of their skin color and origin.. A diversity that reflects the world in which we live. I’m proud to be able to do this on Bridgertons Chronicle “ Audience was specified, “The series is not a documentary or history lesson. It is entertainment.”

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