Bridgerton: Adorable Corgi is a total historical rip-off

As cute as she is, Newton, the Sharma sisters’ corgi in Season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle, has nothing to do! the explanation.

Warning, spoilers! This article highlights key plot elements from Season 2 of Bridgeton Chronicle. If you haven’t seen it, don’t read it.

The Bridgerton Chronicle is known for its chronology and fantasies with historical reality. And it can also be one of its main attractions. Everyone knows very well that there were no (or very few) people of color among the British aristocracy under the English Regency. And Miley Cyrus didn’t dance to the balls to revisit the sound of a violin quartet.

But, the shocking thing is that there was no corgi either! Yes, the presence of the adorable corgi Newton, so comfortably set in the lap of Kate (Simone Ashley) or Edwina Sharma (character Chandran) or slapping Anthony into the water (Jonathan Bailey), is a pure anachronism. among many others.

This is an academic, Stephanie Howard-Smith, lecturer in animal history at the University of York who teaches us through the site slate, His published research includes essays on porcelain pugs, reactions to dog killings and the family life of elite dogs in the UK dub. XVIIIth century. just that.

hunt corgi

The young woman was surprised to see Newton in a “historic” Netflix series: “Until recently, everything I knew about corgis can be summed up in one sentence: the most beloved Welsh shepherd dog by Queen Elizabeth II. But, intrigued by Newton’s presence at Bridgeton, I went corgi hunting through historical records.,

Liam Daniels/Netflix © 2022

Newton (Austin) in the lap of Mary Sharma (Shelley Coon)

According to Stephanie Howard-Smith, corgis have been bred in Wales since medieval times. Speculation suggests that they are descendants of small dogs from mainland Europe, brought to the UK by Vikings or Flemish immigrants, but today’s Corgis are genetically more closely related to other British herding dogs, such as the collie.

Corgi, who are you?

The word “corgi” in Welsh means a dog, but not necessarily these short-legged little dogs that accompanies the Queen of England today. To find further evidence of Corgis’s presence during the regency, Stephanie Howard-Smith consulted the newspaper advertisements of the time. The owners of the lost animals used the press to find them and published pictures of their furballs there.

But the Corgi as we know it today does not make the list of dogs listed below: “Newfoundland, Dalmatian, Poodle, but not Corgi“, She wrote.”I also could not find a reliable image of an 18th century Welsh or early 19th centuryth century.,

There is no official trace of today’s corgi with the classification of the canine lineage until 1925. The Kennel Club, the most important cynological association (abbreviated, a club of dog experts) in the United Kingdom, recognizes two different breeds of corgis to this date: the Pembroke and the Cardigan.

And these adorable furballs needed a queen’s love to become superstars.

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