Brexit, von der Leyen and Michel signed an agreement with the state: “The future is made in Europe”. Today London is expected to move forward

Europe said ‘yes’. Commission Chairman, Ursula von der Leyen, And the council, Charles michelle, Signed trade and cooperation agreement with The uk Who will regulate new commercial relations betweenThe European Union I London In view of the last divorce of 1st January. Due to the intervention of von der Leyen and the British Prime Minister, an agreement was reached in recent times, Boris Johnson, Who held indefinite talks to avoid a no Deal. Formally, the Parliament’s green light is missing Westminster Who approves the text on the same day before the premiere’s signature. Following the move, the agreement will come into force on a provisional basis until 28 February after the approval of the European Union Council, European Parliament Will meet in the plenary to vote for the final go-for, a move that was not possible before the end of 2020 due to tight limits.

The signing took place at the council headquarters. Chief negotiator Michelle barnier, Who accomplished their mission, via the social network “thanking the Commission, Parliament, the British Task Force and all the teams of the Council for their commitment and trust.” Four year conversationClosed in less than a year, first to a withdrawal agreement and then to a future relationship agreement. For Mitchell, it is “a fair and balanced agreement that fully protects the fundamental interests of the European Union and creates stability and predictability for the benefit of citizens and businesses”. Von der Leyen instead commented that “the road is long past. It’s time to leave Brexit behind.” Our future is made in europe“.

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Technically, they are Three signed agreements today. The first is, in fact, the Treaty of Trade and Cooperation. Then there is agreement regarding security procedures for exchange and security. classified information. Finally, agreement between UK Government and European nuclear energy community for cooperation on safe and peaceful useNuclear Energy.

Meanwhile, discussion of the agreement has begun House of CommonsIn London, to be investigated later Upper House. Boris Johnson intervened, recalling “conversations in record time, less than a year away, and in the grip of an epidemic, opposing all possibilities of delay” and “despite predictions from critics who made it impossible Understood “. “A new relationship between the European Union and Great Britain is based on free trade and friendly cooperation, between two sovereign and free blocks, united by history and values”. The House of Commons vote is scheduled for 3.30 Italian time in the afternoon, while the House of Lords will be required to wait at least late in the evening.

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