Brexit, UK residency: thousands of European citizens are at risk

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the minutes are numbered to request orderly position: The permanent residence permit In the UK for which many European citizens will be able to apply by the end of this month. A certification that will be issued on one condition: You must prove that "you have been living in the area for at least five consecutive years". otherwise you can request Preset Position: temporary residence, is waiting for the official one to pass the required time period. Those who do not meet these requirements, therefore from June 30 will be officially considered a illegal resident. A situation "in equilibrium", which, according to the latest published figures, would put thousands of European citizens at stake. new study Dell Think Tank UK in a Changing Europe, intitolato European Union Settlement Scheme- reported from Courier service- Indeed reveals that 320,000 European citizens are still awaiting a decision on their status and risk falling into legal jeopardy from 1 July. If applicants will not be able to prove that they have the right to permanently reside in the UK territory – they concluded coursera- will lose their rights immediately, even if their application is valid.

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