Brexit trouble: British artists accuse government of failure

It is no coincidence that many British artists have applied for German citizenship over the past few months, including star conductor Simon Rattle. Brexit will make the work of artists on both sides of the channel more complex – and more expensive. Anyone who wants to work on the continent as a non-EU citizen will need a visa in the future, each different for each EU country. Conversely, EU citizens who want to work on the island also need the British. The young businessman in particular will now publish in the London Times, including Rattle, Sting, Elton John, Ed Sheeran and Roger Waters, according to an open letter from several stars of the music business.

“There is a difference in contract”

In an advertisement suggested by the Liberal Democrats, they complain that they were “shameful betrayals” by the British government: “In treaties with the European Union, there is a big hole where freedom of movement for musicians should be regulated.” Planning for a European tour now requires expensive permits and has to deal with a mountain of paperwork. ’Especially for young, aspiring musicians who already have economic problems due to the epidemic, it will be difficult to do so. Not only is it necessary to apply for a visa, but also for the entire technical staff.

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