Brexit: No roaming charges in Great Britain at the moment

Although the UK actually dropped out of EU roaming regulation with Brexit, providers on both sides initially charged no additional fees for mobile data usage in the relevant foreign country. In Great Britain, both Vodafone and provider EE have now announced that they want to change it again from January 2022. Free roaming in EU countries for visitors to Great Britain will then only be available at certain tariffs.

Vodafone in Germany, on the other hand, said that they have no plans to increase roaming charges in Great Britain again. Deutsche Telekom customers need not fear any additional cost.

According to the companies, it will remain the same with O2 and 1&1 till the end of the year. However, the providers wanted to keep it open as to whether this would still apply after 2021. This depends on the interaction with roaming partners, it said on request. You will notify your customers in due course.

Roaming charges were abolished in the European Union in 2017. Since then, European mobile phone users have been able to make phone calls or use the mobile Internet while on vacation without worry. So far, this also applies to the United Kingdom despite Brexit, which eventually divorced from the European Union at the end of the year.

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