Brexit News Live: The latest updates as number 10 indicate a deal is still ‘most likely’

Downing Street said that despite “some progress” in post-Brexit trade talks, the government believes any agreement is still not the “most likely outcome” of ongoing negotiations.

“Our position is still that we still want to reach an FTA but there is still a situation where the most results are going to be on Australian terms,” ​​a spokesman for Boris Johnson said on Wednesday – the prime minister had said earlier today that “every opportunity was there and every” hope for a deal “. , If “refers to our friends across the channel”.

“It simply came to our notice then [the EU] To realize this – like other countries – the UK has the right to control its own land and water, ”Mr Johnson told PMQ.

On Wednesday morning, Ursula von der Lane reassured the EU that it would “not question the sovereignty of the United Kingdom over its own waters.” Addressing the European Parliament in Brussels, Mrs von der Leyen said she had “good news” and was now “on the way to an agreement” in the Brescia talks to find a “way forward” on most issues.


MPs returned the emergency bill to prevent border chaos

Emergency Brexit law has cleared the House of Commons since January 1 to help reduce border disruptions.

MPs heard that the Trade (Disclosure of Information) Bill was intended to ensure a “smooth flow” of people, products and services after the BRACS conversion deadline expires on 31 December.

The law temporarily replicates the steps in the trade bill that need to take effect at the end of the month.

Shadow Commerce Minister Paul Bloomfield pushed for the trade bill to be completed by January 2021 – the first time he appeared before MPs in 2017.

Klia Scopeliti16 December 2020 16:44


Brest post pet travel rules have been issued

People wishing to take pets abroad to the European Union or Northern Ireland must apply for an animal health certificate from 1 January, according to the new Brexit post-rule.

From the new year, pet passports will no longer be valid for travel to the EU or Northern Ireland.

Here are the new requirements:

  • Pets must be microchiped
  • Dogs, cats and ferrets must have the rabies vaccine
  • Wait 21 days for the initial vaccination before traveling
  • Dogs entering tapeworm-free countries should be treated with tapeworm 24-120 hours before entry.
  • The vet must provide an animal health certificate no later than 10 days before the trip

Klia Scopeliti16 December 2020 16:30


The Prime Minister called on the people, “Give yourself a happy little Christmas.”

At the Downing Street press conference, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, as well as Boris Johnson, appealed to the British to keep festival celebrations small and concise.

The Prime Minister said to himself, “Rejoice in a little Christmas and I am afraid that this year means nothing less to me.”

Our political editor, Andrew WoodcockThere are stories:

Sam Hancock16 December 2020 15:52


“The situation in the UK will get worse after the extreme Tory Bresit,” Blackford said.

Sam Hancock16 December 2020 15:38


Downing Street says no deal is left with ‘probably a possible outcome’

Downing Street said leaving the Brexit transition period without a trade deal was the most likely outcome, but noted that “we have made some progress”.

“Our position is still that we want to reach an FTA (Free Trade Agreement) but there are still situations that are probably still in place on Australian terms.”

My colleagues Andrew Woodcock And John Stone There are more:

Sam Hancock16 December 2020 14:55


The London mayoral candidate has sent a formal complaint through the campaign

Following today’s report, a “formal complaint” has been sent to the campaign team behind Tory London mayoral candidate Shawn Bailey. It came from an electoral rival who accused Mr Bailey of distributing disguised campaigners from City Hall as an official warning from the council about the tax increase.

The allegations against MP Greg Hands, who serves as Mr Bailey’s campaign director, have denounced the Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Louisa Porritt’s campaign as a “heartless and fruitful tactic” aimed at confusing Londoners in the fight to end it already.

My colleague Chantal da Silva All details are:

Sam Hancock16 December 2020 14:47


No. 10: Cummings’ most important ‘, he’ deserves’ pay rise ‘

Boris Johnson’s press secretary said Dominic Cummings was entitled to a 40 percent pay rise before leaving Downing Street because he was one of the government’s “most important” advisers.

According to Daily mirror, Allegra Stratton said she did not know if the prime minister was aware of Mr Cummins’ pay rise, but argued that it reflected the former adviser’s “correct pay”.

“It’s just that Dominic Cummings’ revised salary reflects the fact that he was not one of the most important special advisers,” he said.

Ms Stratton added that she was paid at least ড 140,000 a year for her role, “the right level of pay”.

“Why, when the police and other government workers are paid less?” Would you ask Mr. Cummings to pay such a large salary, Sir Kair asked the Prime Minister – to which Mr. Johnson gave no clear answer.

Sam Hancock16 December 2020 14:31


Boris Johnson will hold a press conference this afternoon

Downing Street has confirmed that Boris Johnson will hold a press conference with Chris Whitty at 3:30 p.m.

This comes after four-nation talks centered on Christmas, and speculation is rife about whether England will follow Scotland and Wales * in advising that only two families will take advantage of the enthusiastic general amnesty, rather than the three allowed by law.

Andy Gregory16 December 2020 14:09


Channel ports have been left ‘severely disappointed’ by post-BRACSIT funding

The government is reportedly allocating its port infrastructure funds to help the English port avoid post-Brexit delays.

But FTPeter Foster said that after following a total bid of 450m, the amount paid reached just over 194 194, leaving some ports “severely frustrated” – not least Dover, which applied for £ 33 million to alleviate the post-Brexit strain and complained. Allocated £ 33,000.

Andy Gregory16 December 2020 14:05


BoE to ‘close year-end review’ amid UK economy expectations

The Bank of England is expected to keep interest rates unchanged today amid expectations of an 11-hour Brexit deal and indications that the economy is facing a second wave of epidemics.

Economists predict that at this year’s final meeting, the bank will sit tight, its rate will be 0.1 percent and keep its quantitative easing at £ 895bn after releasing another £ 150 billion last month.

Andy Gregory16 December 2020 13:51

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