Brexit-news: German journalist admits Britain is “behind us” – “A corpse is smiling at us!” | United Kingdom

Britain broke ties with the European Union late last year after a post-Brexit trade deal was signed at 11 a.m. after nearly a year of tense and often bitter talks between the two sides. It ended Britain’s 47-year membership, with Boris Johnson celebrating Britain’s new sovereignty and insisting that countries thrive outside the bloc. Now it seems that perspective has spread rapidly in Germany, with Gabor Steinert acknowledging that Britain is doing “better” than Germany during the pandemic and that Britain is now in the “economic fast lane” despite Brexit.

According to data from Our World in Data, the UK has made progress on its COVID immunization programme, with 40% of the UK fully vaccinated, compared to only 19% in Germany.

The EU’s vaccination rollout has gone from disaster to disaster, with the bloc clashing with vaccine maker AstraZeneca over production and supply issues, to which member states have expressed their anger.

Mr Stinger made a series of confessions in an article for the German news site Focus Online titled “‘Corpus Smiles Us’: Why Boris Johnson’s British Are Now Leaving Us Economically Behind”.

He wrote: “Boris Johnson and his British need not understand.

“But a look at the island cannot hurt to see what went better there during the pandemic and what is better than Germany.

“Despite Brexit, the UK is currently in the economic fast lane.

“The imaginary look in the mirror and the wisest look at the garden fence look at each other in order to better recognize oneself.

“What we Germans see there, especially when we see in the distance and on the British Isles, we must stop.

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Despite the pandemic, the UK economy is expected to grow by 5.3% this year and 5.1% in 2022, the journalist and author said, adding that “Germany is also growing, but more slowly”.

He wrote: “The very advantage of the EU over the British outsider has failed to make the leap from political rhetoric to economic reality.

Mr Stinger said the UK services sector would see its highest growth rate in 24 years in 2021 – despite all the disastrous post-Brexit talks by politicians.

Finally, German referred to Statista’s unemployment figures for March, which show the unemployment rate in the UK at 4.8% versus Germany at 6.2%.

He added: “Thanks to the low unemployment rate (see graph), prosperity in the UK is expected to grow faster in 2021 than in Germany.”

In the end, Mr Stinger suggested that Germany should not imitate the British approach, but acknowledged: “The zombies are smiling at us”.

German wrote: “We do not have to imitate the British method, but we must understand it.

“The nation-state, declared dead by several German politicians, appears to be alive and well on the island.

“We have the impression that the corpse is smiling at us.”

Additional reporting by Monica Pallenberg.

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