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Britain ‘more nimble’ as independent trading nation says truce

And Facts4EU President Leigh Evans said the visit also represented a significant humiliation for the EU, as the trio chose to ‘bypass’ Brussels in favor of London. Eva-Maria Lemmets (Estonia), Edgars Rinkeviks (Latvia) and Gabrielius Landsbergis (Lithuania) all met with Ms Truss at Chevening House in Kent yesterday, after issuing a joint statement on close economic ties, defence, democracy, human rights and Covered “Malicious”. Actors of Russia and China”.

Facts4EU assessed the significance in a report posted on its website in which it suggested that the three nations – all of which are members of NATO – all have more in common with the UK than the bloc. , and individually with several EU27 members.

The report shows that the position of the Baltic states on the edge of Europe, with all three bordering Russia, particularly Lithuania, which has the heterogeneous Kaliningrad Oblast to the west, left them particularly in contact with Vladimir Putin.

In contrast, Fact4EU suggested that the EU “finds it difficult to be too tight on Russia,” citing the need for Germany to secure approval for the Nordstream II gas pipeline from Russia, a priority suggested by the report “on threats to the Baltic”. “The states face on a daily basis.”

Liz Truss and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (Image: GETTY)

Liz Truss with three foreign ministers (Image: GETTY)

Meanwhile, when it comes to China, the Baltic states unite to condemn human rights violations committed by the superpower in that country, the report said.

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The European Commission, on the other hand, had just reached a major agreement with the Chinese government, although it has not yet been ratified by the European Parliament.

Mr Evans said: ‘It is a sad fact that a defeatist ‘Little Britain’ mentality still permeates the establishment in Britain.

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frost lord

Lord Frost spoke about Brexit (Image: UK)

“It doesn’t matter how many global trade agreements Liz Truss signed as International Trade Secretary, nor how many global alliances are being built, such as the new AUKUS alliance between the UK, Australia and the United States, established The story seems unbroken.

Evans said Remainers’ “constant refrain” before and after the 2016 referendum was that the UK was “too small and unimportant” to survive on its own.

He continued: “The British establishment is so invested in this thinking that it seems impossible to convince that it was wrong.

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Liz Truss Gabrielius Landsbergis

Liz Truss and Gabrielus Landsbergis (Image: GETTY)

liz truss

Liz Truss and three foreign ministers in talks (Image: GETTY)

“The event held yesterday at the Foreign Minister’s country residence demonstrates once again that the UK is an important player on the world stage. “

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia may be small economically, but strategically they are “really very important”, he said.

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Evans added: ‘For your three foreign ministers to bypass Brussels, come straight to the UK, then issue a joint statement that could hardly be more positive on much broader topics – it’s another big ‘check mark’. In the box “For New” is Independent UK.

Fact4EU Card

Fact4EU card (Image: Fact4EU)

“No matter how many problems the country has (with EU countries and others around the world in common), the reputation of the global UK continues to improve. And that’s something to cheer us on. .

Speaking after their meeting, Ms Truss said: “The UK partnership with our Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian allies is based on the common goals of security, economic prosperity and safeguarding democratic values ​​and freedoms.

“The UK and our Baltic partners are champions of democracy and its associated freedoms.

“Today, Foreign Ministers Eva-Maria Lemmets, Edgars Rinkewicz, Gabrielius Landsbergis and I are committed to advancing these freedoms and working together to defend human rights and the fundamental values ​​that underpin the democratic world in which we live. want.”

Vladimir Poutin

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Image: GETTY)

Speaking today in Lisbon, Lord David Frost also underscored the importance of the Baltic states to the UK, suggesting that “relationships with countries with which we trade directly – countries with maritime connections, customs of The customs, the energy connections with us – are going to be especially important in the future”.

He explained: “This is because – despite the Indo-Pacific leanings and the broader perspective that Global Britain should have and will have – the hard work of European defence, supported by resources, by sharing resources. Risks are important to us. .

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“Indeed, that’s why we’re spending more money on defence, exceeding NATO benchmarks and reaching 2.3% of GDP this year.

So Brexit will probably strengthen our interest in deeper engagement with traditionally more transatlantic countries like Portugal, but also in countries in Central and Eastern Europe that directly bear the burden of pressure from Russia – which is why we are able to work. have a special interest. In new concepts such as the Baltic State, with Poland and the Three Seas Initiative.

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