Brexit has come to an end – and a very important phone call or break could be political news

Saturday could be the most important day in Brescia since the official departure from the European Union to the UK in late January.

Significant gaps remain between the two sides in negotiating a post-Brexit trade agreement.

The EU is the main negotiator Michelle Bernier And his United Kingdom David Frost There is Reached the end of the road.

EU chief negotiator Michelle Bernier and Britain’s David Frost (below) say there are still ‘significant changes’
As negotiations on a trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom continued, on December 2, 2020, Britain's chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost, walked to a conference center in central London.  - Within a month of Britain's post-Brexit future beginning and trade talks with the European Union still stalled, the UK government on Tuesday called on companies to be ready for scrambling to complete the necessary infrastructure.  (Photo by Justin Talis / AFP) (Photo via Justin Talis / AFP Gate)

There is now a “break” and the whole process is being given to the two principals, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke by telephone on Saturday afternoon.

This can unlock the discussion. It could end it.

It is impossible to say what the consequences will be.

For days, the EU and UK sides have been saying that talks between Mr Johnson and Mrs Von der Lane will always end, so in a sense this announcement should not come as a surprise.

He is also more aware of the need for a choreographed victory against Britain in the case of the European Union Treaty.

Worryingly, 36 hours ago, before the current stalemate, both sides said there was a visible path between some complex issues.

This does not mean that Friday’s dispute is serious and the tension is not real.

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Brexit border delay: Why do they matter?

The current turmoil seems to have probably come after the UK proposal on Thursday as the EU abruptly returns to its old claim of being involved in some EU rules after 1 January, even if they change – a claim that would violate a key line for the UK. .

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Some insiders of the UK government suggested on Friday that they were extremely pessimistic.

Brexit never ended with Weimar.

Mr. Johnson himself was always going to play a major role in the play. There was always unrest on both sides.

This final process has now begun with a few more days to fix the result.

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