Brexit, goodbye to “tampon tax”: United Kingdom eliminates VAT on sanitary towels

With the EU definitely out, the United Kingdom says goodbye to the “tampon tax”: London has abolished VAT on sanitary products, including sanitary towels, now taxed at up to 5% Because they are considered non-essential goods for Brussels. Injustice to British activists who have been fighting for years to end this “sexist tax”, ultimately the Finance Minister’s promise Rishi Sunak.

According to Treasury estimates, the initiative would allow women to save about 40 pounds over their lifetime, with a cut of 7 cents on a pack of 20 tampons and 5 cents on 12 sanitary pads. “It has been a long way to reach this point, but after all the sexist tax saw clean products classified as non-essential, luxury items, history books can be consented,” he said. Commented. Felicia WillowDirector of the Fawcett Society.

The Labor MEP started the debate twenty years ago Ann Taylor, In January 2001 to lead the then Labor government to reduce taxation to 5%, the minimum rate given by EU law. The “baton” was taken by the youth worker in 2014 Laura Coritan, Which had since 2015 decided to donate to a conservative executive, collected VAT for vulnerable girls and women.

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