Brexit: EU threatens Great Britain with punitive fees for breach of trade agreements

This is another step in the direction of reasonably regulated withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union (EU). The ratification of the Brexit trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom is due on Tuesday.

Prior to this decision, Brussels threatened punitive measures in the event of further breaches of contract by London. British imports into the European Union could then be subject to tariffs or quotas, said CDU politician David McAlester, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Union’s parliament, the “world”.

McAllister said, “The Trade and Cooperation Agreement has broad means for both parties to fulfill their legal obligations. As soon as it is finally and fully ratified,” suspend parts of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement Violations of the withdrawal agreement with doing can be punished. ”It would be legally possible to impose tariffs or quotas on British imports.

Trouble about an agreement on Northern Ireland

The British side unilaterally changed the Northern Ireland portion of the agreement in early March and extended the agreed transition period to customs control without consulting the European Union Commission. In response, the Brussels Authority initiated breach proceedings, which, however, usually take a long time.

On the other hand, the Brexit Agreement may take the anchoring clearance mechanism more effectively. “This system is a huge step. He should be an example for other EU trade agreements, «Ana Cavajini (Greens), chairman of the Internal Markets Committee, said” the world “.

Resolution first, then vote

The Parliament of the European Union will vote on Tuesday on a four-month contract that came into force on 1 January 2021. Because British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held talks until shortly before the end and the agreement was not signed until Christmas Eve, EU lawmakers refused to examine the 1,400-page-long contract on short notice done. However, the approval of MPs is almost certain, as the sudden “no deal” option on May 1 is the worst.

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Ursula von der Leyen, the chairman of the Commission of the European Union, also participates in the parliamentary debate. In one resolution, the MEPs want the Commission to have a broad parliamentary say in the application of the agreement. The final vote on the post-Brexit deal will take place from 8pm. Results are expected to come on Wednesday morning.

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