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No, the drama between Britain and the European continent is not over. Brexit was just another act that ended with the conclusion of a trade deal at the last minute.

This is a victory of reason. Since the British referendum in 2016, one thing has been heard repeatedly: Brexit is insane, an unnecessary act of self-mutilation that would weaken both Britain and the European Union politically and economically. But this would only be true without any agreement if this state is a country which is not only a part of Europe, but also of the European Union.

But that was never really the case. The British have always viewed the European Union as a free trade zone. His goal of political integration was never his. Winston Churchill was a staunch supporter of European integration, but saw his country only as a partner, not as part of such Europe. Little has changed about this day.

When the British joined the European Economic Community in 1973, they did so mainly to benefit from their borderless trade. Another goal, of course, is to be able to slow down the emerging political power if necessary – which may be the best from within. Ironically, this was one of the main arguments of the so-called European supporters in London: many of them did not want to keep their country in the EU because they were great friends of the European Union, but because they feared right for British influence Were.

The fact that Britain has left this effect is one of the few irrational aspects of Brexit, at least from the British point of view. This applies only to a limited extent for the disclosure of the economic benefits of EU membership. Because participation in free trade in the European Union is always associated with the freedom of every EU citizen to live and work anywhere in the EU. Brussels defended it in negotiations, precisely because the European Union is more than just a free trade zone. London negotiators have never understood what the European Union says about the relationship of most British politicians.

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For them, Brexit was ultimately a cost-benefit analysis: on the one hand there were economic benefits of EU membership, on the other an increasing political cost of immigration from the EU in an increasingly xenophobic Great Britain.

For the greater part of the British people, however, Brexit was above all an emotional decision, it was a choice between a perceived independence and alleged Babylonian captivity in the European Union – with the belief that a return to independence meant a return to former nationality . Shine means. A political actor like Boris Johnson knew this and used it to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming the British Prime Minister.

For many politicians and citizens of Great Britain, however, the feeling that they are not a European among many other Europeans is part of their self-image. And among many they consider Great Britain not just another European country, but have chosen one particular or even one.

Of course, not all Britons think so. But unfortunately they are not the ones who set the tone in Britain today. That is why it is not inappropriate to leave your country from the EU.

As a result, the European Union is free to take whatever steps it takes to assert itself in a globalized world between the United States and China – because it is already too late for that. On the other hand, Britain may need Brexit to realize how small a role it will play on this world stage.

Spain, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Germany have already assumed that former Belgian foreign minister Paul-Henri Spaak was right: Europe has smaller countries and has yet to find that they are small.

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One day the British will also realize that their country may be special, but it is not so big. And maybe then they will also return. This will be a good day for the EU.

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