Brexit: Container rush in Great Britain – now British ports are running out

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The situation in Great Britain is getting worse. Container ports are coming under pressure due to paucity of truck drivers. The world’s largest shipping company is now concluding.

LONDON/MUNICH – In retail, during the important business of Christmas, of all things the environment goes haywire. Can all gifts be delivered on time to the end customer? In Great Britain in particular, the situation seems to be deteriorating again shortly before Christmas. British ports complain of a backlog. Container ships will be diverted or have to wait for days to enter the sea. British media reported the news. The country’s most important container port, Felixstow, has also been affected.

Due to the shortage of truck drivers: now British ports are running out

In form of financial Times Reportedly, Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, no longer calls for Felixstow container port. More than a third of container shiploads destined for Great Britain are normally unloaded there. Maersk manager Lars Mikel Jensen told the British newspaper: “We had to stop operations because there was no more space to unload cargo. Felixstowe is one of the two or three most affected terminals in the world.” For example, container ships were placed in Hamburg, Rotterdam and China.

Thousands of shipping containers are parked in the port of Felixstow in Suffolk.

© Joe Giddens / DPA

According to the port of Felixstow, it takes up to ten days to unload the containers and carry their loads on trucks. The fact that there are many containers waiting to be picked up is also due to a severe shortage of truck drivers in Great Britain. However, the lack of truck drivers is not only a problem there since yesterday. In addition, there is now a general increase due to the start of the Christmas business, as recently announced by the British Ports Association.

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“London Wanted Brexit, Now They’re Getting It”

But there doesn’t seem to be a solution in time. Recently, the visa schemes of 5,000 foreign truckers were met with much skepticism to deal with delivery bottlenecks. “No one will accept that,” said Dirk Engelhardt of the German Press Agency in London. He heads the Federal Association of Freight Transport, Logistics and Disposal (BGL). He doesn’t know anyone who applied. Rather, Eastern European experts are outraged by the actions of the British government.

“London wanted Brexit, now they’re getting it,” Engelhardt said, referring to the new, stricter immigration rules. From 1 January, EU citizens need expensive visas to work in the UK. Boris Johnson’s British government recently announced that 127 visas had been issued to tanker truck drivers. However, it remains questionable whether this can have a lasting effect on distribution constraints. The government was optimistic on Wednesday. “The situation is improving,” said Oliver Dowden, general secretary of the ruling Conservative Party for TV channel Sky News. “I believe people will get their toys for Christmas.”

But it is not only in Great Britain that one is concerned about the timely delivery of gifts. Germany could also feel global distribution constraints. Info Institute* has already issued a warning. (MBR/DPA) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

Title List Image: © Joe Giddens / dpa

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