Brexit concluded – contract came with Royal Air Force

The British Parliament passed a judicial treaty with the European Union, which is in a rush to enter into force on the new year. All that is missing now is the Queen’s seal.

“Best friends and allies can wish for the European Union”: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrates treaty with Brussels as “a local solution”.

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The Royal Air Force machine flew from the English Channel to London on Wednesday. She had two documents tied in blue leather. The two documents were two copies of the EU’s new trade agreement with Great Britain, signed by Brussels that morning by Commission Chairman Ursula von der Leyen and Council President Charles Michel. One of the two versions of the European Union, was decorated with the usual asterisk. Neither star had the intention of remaining in Great Britain. Both copies were sent to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for signature at No 10 Downing Street.

At the time, these very documents were already being debated for five hours in the UK Parliament. The government allowed MPs only one day when they called Parliament in the midst of the Christmas break to bless the trade deal. (Read here what the Brexit Treaty means for Switzerland.)

1246 pages read only two days

Many MPs found it «Purest joke»They give their consent to the agreement without fully examining the long text of the 1246-page treaty. Eventually, the contract expired only six days earlier. It was revealed four days ago. There was less than two days left before its provisions came into force – you didn’t want to be without a New Year deal.

Upset over criticism of the lack of time, Prime Minister Johnson celebrated “his” treaty as a “historic solution” in the House of Commons. With the agreement he had proved, he stated that “Great Britain can be both European and sovereign at the same time.” With this treaty, his country can “best friend and ally the European Union will”.

Boris Johnson felt strong as 70 or so Brexit hardliners from his party promised him his support the day before. He observed his position, that the treaty should be guaranteed the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, as accomplished despite all criticism.

Tory authority is also satisfied

Above all agreed with a clause in the Tory Rights Treaty, which would allow the EU to conclude the agreement with twelve months’ notice in the event of “unacceptable measures” by the EU. «The battle for Brexit is over. We won, ”said Marc François, spokesman for the anti-EU backbenchers. (Read the analysis by London correspondent Peter Nonnemacher.)

Victory for Johnson: The agreement with the European Union received 521 votes, only 73 MPs said no.

Victory for Johnson: The agreement with the European Union received 521 votes, only 73 MPs said no.

Photo: Keystone

Opposition leader Sir Keer Starr, the leader of the Labor Party, found himself in a difficult position. He asked his group to ratify the treaty. As he grieved with it, Labor could hardly afford to let the country slide into a deal “and said,” in the House of Commons. The agreement with the European Union received 521 votes. 73 MPs said no.

Queen waits at Windsor Castle

In the evening, the House of Lords settled the bill. After that, the only thing missing was the Queen’s seal. His Majesty stayed at Windsor Castle to receive the envoy of Parliament. However, the Brexiters prepared for their celebration the night after.

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