Brexit: British expatriates no longer allowed to drive in Spain

The post-Brexit situation is becoming more complicated for British expatriates living in Spain. In the absence of an agreement between London and Madrid, their driving licenses are no longer recognized on the other side of the Pyrenees. After May 1, they can no longer take the road.

The constraint is not related to tourists but to British expatriates who have been in Spanish territory for more than six months. According to information from Bloomberg, their permits obtained in the United Kingdom will be useless until the two countries find common land.

A condition that “should be temporary”

Meanwhile, in order to obtain a Spanish license, the only solution for them is to retake the exam. The embassy had advised them to register by February to allay apprehensions. But the process is long, tedious and does not satisfy those concerned.

Faced with their outrage, the British Foreign Office assured that it was doing everything possible to “intensify negotiations” with the Spanish authorities. Knowing that “the United Kingdom has already entered into similar agreements with 24 other EU countries”.

Asked by Bloomberg, a source close to the British government believes this uncomfortable situation “should be temporary”, although has not been able to say “how much”. It would be “a week or so”.

This situation is unlikely to happen in France since France entered into an agreement with the United Kingdom in June 2021 to mutually recognize driving licenses issued in each other. So British citizens living in France can move there freely even if their permit was issued before January 1, 2021, the official Brexit date.

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