Brexit and vaccination: who understands Britain? – Podcast

Boris Johnson is lying. Repeatedly. For example, the British were still part of the community when Britain was about to pay the European Union. Regarding border control between Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain after Brexit. And about the scientific strategy of his government in the epidemic.

The Prime Minister has to live up to his separatist Brexit slogans, while at the same time holding together the crumbling community of states in the state. Despite many incomplete promises, Boris Johnson can count on a lot of support from the population, but why is this so?

Jörg Schindler, correspondent for SPIEGEL in London, says, “As it seems a part of the British success is explained by the massive failure of the first ten months of the epidemic.”

Host Olaf Heuser talks to him about the dangers of Northern Ireland regulation, the economic opportunity for Great Britain without the European Union – and also about the Prime Minister’s credibility. “In theory, every declaration by Boris Johnson should be treated with caution,” says Jörg, “but it is possible that the pandemic would be the first country in Europe to catch up again after the pandemic. “

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