Brexit and Northern Ireland: far from EU and British agreement

The EU is insisting on a joint resolution with the British government in the dispute over the special Brexit rules for Northern Ireland. Following last evening’s talks in Brussels with Britain’s Brexit Minister David Frost, legal steps taken against Great Britain by the European Union Commission on Friday morning will continue.

Frost again stated that “difficult subject areas” were still unresolved in negotiations, so further discussion should take place. Any solution must honor the Good Friday Agreement on Peace in Northern Ireland and avoid disturbing everyday life in the British province as much as possible.

According to the European Union, another round of talks is planned within the next two weeks. Brussels alleged that London agreed to the Brexit Agreement in violation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Protocol aims to prevent border controls on the land border between the British Province and the EU member Ireland. Control is planned for this between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. However, in early March, London announced that it would not control the export of food and agricultural products to Northern Ireland.

The Commission therefore initiated infringement proceedings and activated the so-called dispute settlement mechanism provided for the withdrawal agreement. According to Safekovic, “the process will continue as long as it is necessary.”

Due to the controversy, the European Union’s parliament is threatening not to ratify the trade deal with Great Britain late last year. Although the parliamentary committees for foreign trade and foreign affairs voted for the trade agreement on Thursday, the required vote in the parliamentary constituency was not yet deliberately determined.

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