Brexit, a year later, rejected by 6 out of 10 voters

one year after the release of United Kingdom Pulse’The European UnionMore than 6 in 10 UK voters believe that Brexit gone wrong or worse than they expected. It says. a survey published byObserver.

Opinium polls – a week after the resignation of the Johnson government’s Brexit minister, David Frost (chief negotiator for Brexit-ed), revealed that 42% of those who voted in 2016 also indicated. “Relieve” There is a negative outlook today about how Brexit has gone so far.

Among the remaining voters, who conversely wanted to remain in the European Union, l’86% Said things got worse or worse than expected. Only 14% of the entire electorate believe that Brexit has turned out better than expected. Most surprising, Opinion’s Adam Drummond explained, is that livers are now more hesitant about its benefits. Brexit than they previously believed.

“During the Brexit process, whenever the question arises” is Brexit good or bad? , relics They answered “bad” and all levers answered “good”, effectively canceling each other out. “Now, however, the percentage of those who voted to leave the EU believe that it has gone badly. Only 17% left. He replied: “I hoped it would go well and This happened.”

From 1 January 2022, more customs controls will also apply on goods exported from the EU to the UK, which could complicate trade especially for small businesses, especially in the food and agriculture sectors.

Office for Budget Responsibility, The Treasury-funded non-governmental agency says that if the 2016 referendum rejects Brexit, the British economy will face a 4 percent drop from expected growth over time. The Financial Times has noted that the exact cost of the UK’s exit from the EU is yet to be determined, both because of the short period of time and because the economic damage is “covered” by the crisis caused by the pandemic. But the debate is now on the extent of the damage, not the possibility that there are none and that Brexit has created or could produce a profit from a British point of view. An impression shared by voters appears to confirm the observer’s turnout.

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romano prodi, in a recent interview he said: “Within twenty years the United Kingdom will ask to re-join the EU. The damage of Brexit is already obvious, but it will become even greater, especially in Northern Ireland and Scotland.” In”.

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