Brevolt entrepreneurs lose more time mainly due to Brexit

In recent months, Eric has assisted several Flevoland companies with advice on the consequences of Brexit. ‘I have noticed that years of negotiations have caused a lot of uncertainty among the entrepreneurs of Flevoland. Worked through Companies were more cautious about investing, so they hired fewer people and did not go public.

Done by Brexit

Nationally, approximately 40 billion dollars were exported to the United Kingdom in 2018. This makes the UK four export markets for Flevoland goods. Four sectors stand above it on the head and shoulders: floriculture, fish auctions, seed potatoes and agricultural machinery. In addition, according to Eric, there are several small companies that export to England. Wholesalers and companies that sell, for example, through sites such as Ebay and Amazon.

“I say that all entrepreneurs in these areas are affected by Brexit,” says Eric. ‘I have specifically advised many companies. Am I allowed to have my bank account in London or not? How are payments received? All very practical questions. ‘To which questions Eric knows or is finding out. “Horizon is part of many national networks and it was now very useful even during Brexit.”

More paperwork

Fishing was one of the last areas to agree. This is a very important area for Flevoland – and especially for the Urks. ‘They have come up with a situation in which everyone is angry. Still, I think a deal is always better than a deal. Not just for fisheries, but for all regions. ‘

With the current agreement, entrepreneurs will have to deal with more paperwork. They must now create a commercial invoice for each shipment, make an announcement and report the origin of the goods according to the correct code. ‘There is a whole system for this and it is quite simple … if you understand it. If you’ve never done it before, it takes a lot of time to complete. ‘According to Eric, the method is comparable to exporting to Switzerland.

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Peter Everdijk, owner of Drone’s Everbeck Group, knows all about this. He had a sales office in Leeds with his company until 2018, but sold it due to uncertainty surrounding the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. ‘Now I redistribute bakery products, such as baking trays, bread pairs and oven trolleys, again by drone.’

Windfall profit

He applied for a so-called EORI number to continue business with British customs. ‘My biggest concern was that the delivery time would be greatly increased. We also offer coating (re) of products and, with iteration, return the products to the Netherlands as per schedule. I expect import and export costs to increase significantly for our service. ‘Yet there is an unexpected advantage, notes Peter. ‘Customers don’t want to run the risk of waiting long for their products and are now ordering an additional set of baking supplies or parts.’

Voucherrailing horizon

Horizon Flevoland helps entrepreneurs who want to export or already do so and now have questions due to Brexit. Along with international entrepreneurship vouchers, Horizon offers subsidies to companies that want to get more from their exports. ‘We are happy to help entrepreneurs with their international ambitions. We have a large network at home and abroad which we are happy to share. ‘

Eric looks at the future with confidence. ‘We can go a long way to each other with a little patience and understanding. British entrepreneurs are not used to this. If everyone takes a step back, we will get out. ‘Peter agrees. ‘We’ll find our way again. As an entrepreneur I always seek solutions. ‘

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