Brazils President Unwelcome in Israel Until Apologizing for Gaza War-Holocaust Compariso

Brazils President Unwelcome in Israel Until Apologizing for Gaza War-Holocaust Compariso

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has found himself at the center of controversy after comparing Israel’s war in Gaza to the Holocaust. Israel’s foreign minister has now stated that Lula would not be welcome in Israel until he apologizes for his comments made while speaking at the African Union summit in Ethiopia.

The comments made by Lula have sparked a heated diplomatic row between Brazil and Israel, with Brazil recalling its ambassador to Israel for consultations. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Lula’s remarks, stating that they “trivialized the Holocaust” and “crossed a red line.”

Israel has defended its offensive in Gaza, stating that it was launched in response to a deadly Hamas attack and is necessary for its defense. The war in Gaza has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Palestinians, with the Health Ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza reporting at least 29,092 casualties, mostly women and children.

However, Lula’s supporters have come to his defense, with his wife stating that he was referring to the genocidal government in Israel and not the Jewish people. The former Brazilian foreign affairs minister criticized Israel’s reaction as “absurd” and stated that Lula is respected worldwide.

The president of Lula’s Workers’ Party also criticized Netanyahu for attempting to silence anyone who denounces Israel’s policies towards the Palestinian people. The situation remains tense as both countries navigate the fallout from Lula’s controversial comments.

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