Brazilian or Argentina forced into quarantine in the Premier League?

According to the Daily Mail, British authorities do not intend to relax their health regulations upon entry and exit. This has become a problem for English football, many of whom internationals will undoubtedly be asked to travel to “Red List” countries in March. However, such visits include mandatory quarantine upon return.

Premier League footballers cannot escape mandatory quarantine if they travel to at-risk countries during the next international break. Daily mail On Thursday, it was said that British authorities do not intend to relax the health regulations on the trip. This decision may prompt clubs not to leave players at the disposal of national teams affected by the restrictions.

Since 15 January, the UK has tightened its travel restrictions. In the official red list established by the authorities, anyone from a country or region is required to follow a strict 10-day quarantine in a government-approved hotel. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Portugal and Uruguay are part of this long red list, valid for the moment until the end of March.

Brazil-Argentina on 30 March

Brazilian players such as Alison Baker, Liverpool’s goalkeeper, or Portuguese players, such as Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes, cannot return to their home country without avoiding mandatory quarantine. It is therefore a problem for the upcoming international break, which includes the World Cup qualifiers in South America. Thus, on 26 and 30 March, Celeco should face Colombia and hosts Argentina. Due to this rule, UEFA was also forced to transfer the Arsenal-Benfica match to the Europa League.

For these internationals, forty-ten days upon their return to the United Kingdom means a preference that clubs will have to make without them for at least one league match. This remedy also becomes a problem for the management of physical condition, which is attributed to the inability to participate in group training during periods of isolation.

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Under these conditions, players can be retained

Daily mail It is therefore understood that clubs, all regarding the government’s reluctance to make an exception to football, will make a request in this direction. They specifically expect a protocol to be validated, by ensuring that the concerned international sanitizers are constantly in the bubble.

If the British authorities did not waive, the clubs would be able to rely on the latest FIFA texts to retain their players. The world football body said in early February that clubs would not have an obligation to allow international players to join their selection if a quarantine of “at least five days” was required upon their return. Many stars can therefore miss Brazil-Argentina phones.

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