Brazil: Puma is back in Rio de Janeiro

The puma concolor has returned to Rio de Janeiro, where it was considered an extinct species after being last seen in the Brazilian metropolis in 1930, local press reported Friday.

Their return was recorded in June 2020 by a surveillance camera located at the site of Burle Mark, a nature reserve located west of Rio de Janeiro.

From these images, a group of biologists from Rio de Janeiro State University began tracking the puma, whose presence has been confirmed in other nearby natural parks.

It is about the reappearance of a species, not just an individual, assured Jorge Pontes newspaper Estado, a biologist who participated in the study.

According to this newspaper, this puma has yet to be officially declared an extinct species on the municipal list of endangered species.

According to the scientific journal Check List, the puma is not considered a globally threatened species, but is “vulnerable” due to its habitat and loss of prey in Brazil and the state of Rio de Janeiro, which have led to their reappearance in Rio de Janeiro. was also informed. Janeiro.

The puma concolor, also known as the mountain lion, can reach up to 2.3 m wide and over 70 kg.

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