Brazil launches national Kovid-19 vaccination campaign

The Brazilian government is finally launching its national Kovid-19 vaccination campaign on Monday, two days earlier than expected, under pressure from the governors of the country’s states, and especially São Paulo.

“After listening to the governors, we decided to distribute the vaccine today to (27) states of the Brazilian federation, which can” begin vaccination immediately “, Health Eduardo Pazuelo said on Monday.

The minister was speaking after a meeting with the governors at Guarulos Airport near São Paulo, from which 4.5 million doses of the Chinese Coronavac vaccine would be dispatched to various regions of the vast country of 212 million. Resident. Nursing staff and natives over 75 years of age will be vaccinated as a priority.

On Sunday, Brazilian regulator Avisa approved the emergency use of two first vaccines against Kovid-19, the British AstraZeneca and the Chinese Coronavac.

Coronavac, produced by the Chinese company Synovac, is the only vaccine currently available in the country, under the supervision of the Butan Institute, State of São Paulo. It has been cried by President Jair Bolsonaro as the “Chinese commentary of João Doria”, the governor of the state of São Paulo.

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