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Active Ants opens its 5th fulfillment center in the UK

Active Ants, a subsidiary of the Beepost Group, will open its 5th fulfillment center in September 2022. The new site is located in Northampton, England, and is owned by M&G Real Estate, the real estate investment arm of M&G plc.

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Best Fulfillment Company in Europe

After successfully establishing 2 sites in the Netherlands, active ants have expanded to Belgium and Germany in recent years. “Active Ants wants to be the best fulfillment company in Europe”, says Jeroen Decker, Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “We are delighted that our arrival in the UK will allow us to expand our presence in Europe and we are confident that we are on the way to one of the most interesting online markets. With a focus on innovation and automation, we are looking to expand our online stores ( Tailored Business 2 Consumer (B2C) logistics for SMEs). We are confident that this will create added value for our customers.”

About Active Ants

Active Ants was founded in 2010 with the idea of ​​making e-fulfillment more accurate and efficient through innovation, automation and working with robots. Active Ants has since become one of the leaders in the Netherlands, with over 250 customers and over 5 million orders per year.

Why choose Northampton?

Northampton is located in the middle of England. Brackmills Industrial Estate is the UK’s e-commerce logistics hub. Jeroen: “This combination makes it the ideal location for our e-fulfillment activities. We will stay close to our customers and maintain a good relationship with last mile distributors. ,

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“When looking for the right location and the right building, it was important for us to find a building that meets our mission and values. The Brackmills Estate’s ‘Excellent’ BREEAM certification means that the building is recognized as one of the most environmentally efficient. This is in line with our sustainable and highly automated way of working. Active Ants is committed to nurturing lasting relationships with all of our stakeholders: customers, employees and the community. »

Michael Wood, Portfolio Director at M&G Real Estate, comments: “With this project, M&G is fulfilling its commitment to deliver high quality ESG projects that meet the harsh demands of modern occupiers. and we are pleased to welcome an innovative international operator, this important precursor. »

Effective cooperation between humans and robots

“Storage, order picking, packing and sorting are also fully automated in this brand new fulfillment center,” says Jeroen. “In order to take orders, employees collaborate effectively with robots. The receipt and return flow of goods remains manual processes. Mechanization guarantees efficiency, high quality and a pleasant working environment for our employees. This configuration is unique in the world. ,

warehouse with autostore

The basis of our warehouse is Autostore, a unique system where goods are stored very compactly in bins. The autostore is atop a structure of rails on which the robots move. Thanks to intelligent software, a robot knows which bin to bring to employees at the picking stations. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) bring empty boxes to the employee who fills them with items supplied by the storage robot. Thanks to innovative autostore solutions, we take up 6 times less space than a traditional warehouse.

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This good-for-man system has a small footprint. The system can store six times as much products per square meter, and the robots reuse their energy, so power consumption is minimal.

career robot

Carrying robots then go back to individual packaging machines that close the boxes to the correct size, weigh them, and affix a shipping label. So there is no need to add filler material anymore. In this way, active ants deliver an average of 40% less “vacuum” to the customer. It also allows us to carry more parcels in the truck and further reduce our CO2 emissions. Once filled, closed and printed, the robot carriers pick up the packages and sort them to their respective carriers.

custom printed box

Built-in-printer closing machines, designed specifically for active ants, are also used in Northampton. Jeroen: “This allows each sender to create their own personalized printed box. With this unique feature, we enable large online shops, but now also smaller shops, to create personalized packaging. Pre-printed It is no longer necessary to keep boxes in stock. This allows our customers to reduce their cost and reduce their ecological footprint. »

Note to journalists, not broadcast:

For more information, please contact Edwin Coen of the Marketing and Communications Division of Active Ants via email [email protected] or telephone +31 (0)30-2271000 (between 9 a.m. and 17 hrs. during office hours) Contact.


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