Boxing: Josh Taylor defeated Opinun Khongsang in the first round

Boxing: Josh Taylor defeated Opinun Khongsang in the first round
Josh Taylor celebrates Opinun Khongsong’s failure to get up during the first round of counting

World champion Josh Taylor knocked out Apinun Khongsong in the incredible first round to defend his WBA and IBF light welterweight titles.

Scott, 29, hit the Thai fighter with a left-handed shot to send the undefeated twenty-four-year-old to a tournament-free canvas. Khongsong was eventually taken from Ringside to York Hall in London via a stretcher.

Taylor is now close to battling WBO and WBC title holder Jose Ramirez to become the undisputed world champion.

“I felt [the punch] He told BT Sport directly, “

“I didn’t know it hurt her so much until I saw her on the floor.

“She is OK [Khongsong] I was with the heaviest puncher. I can feel the weight of his energy. It turns me on to take my time and be patient.

“It was a great shot. But I want to show you what we’re doing in the gym. But you don’t have to give me extra time.

With just two minutes and 41 seconds to go before the end of the contest, Taylor’s fatal finger was the first to be hit by a Prestonpence fighter.

Instead, it is the mostly unknown but undefeated IBF Mandatory Challenger who started on the first leg.

The two fought a stalemate after 16 fights, with Khongsong – 13 knockouts in his name – fighting outside Asia for the first time. There was an air of uncertainty about what challenge he would face as there were no biased crowds out there to encourage Taylor.

This may be a joke, suggested by early exchanges. The Bangkok man appeared lively, his opponent trying to be enterprising as Taylor was forced to be patient. However, the moment to become a world champion did not take long.

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With his opponent against the ropes, his guard high and a right hook missing his target, Scott struck a fatal blow to the ribs. Khongsong was a little late when he got off the floor.

Quotes from Josh Taylor

The response he received from him as he wrote on the deck during the count was very low, with Taylor standing at the opposite corner, arms outstretched.

And he should. The battle of his dreams is now almost within walking distance. Ramirez and the truly iconic competition, may be in the future.

“I want Jose Ramirez next 100%,” he added. “He’s a very good champion, as hungry as himself, at the top of his game. I want that fight now. I think I’ve beaten him.

“I’ve never cheated on anyone, but to be honest I waited until the fans came back, that level of fighting in front of the crowd would have been better.”

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