Botas and Hamilton Curry’s amount of F1 practice is required

Botas and Hamilton Curry’s amount of F1 practice is required

FP1 and FP2 were abandoned on Friday because the medical helicopter was unable to travel to its designated hospitals during the emergency due to low clouds and heavy fog, soaking N্rburg in the rain all day.

After the FIA ​​implemented a new trauma transfer plan overnight, according to a report from, the Saturday event was able to go on, with only one hour of FP3 sessions for teams to prepare before selection.

Asked about the impact of the losing race, Hamilton said, “I don’t think we need to stay on Friday, so it was perfectly fine for me.” Bottas explained why he chose a cut-off weekend after throwing a pole before him. Peers

“It’s so hard to say numbers [on how much he’d have gone in qualifying with the normal amount of practice], But make sure you practice as much as you can no doubt [can work to] Get all the details right, ”says Bottas.

“Especially on Fridays, you stay up all night between sessions to see things from the car and the driver.

“So I think with more practice, we want to be a little bit faster. I can’t say a number, but really I think I have a lot more practice right now on a typical weekend.

“Everyone looks for the best things in their way and setups and driving and car setup but with some practice some teams can get it right, some drivers can get it right and some don’t.

“So I like it with a little less practice.”

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Max Verstappen, who finished third among Mercedes drivers during the Red Bull qualifiers, said Friday’s lack of confirmation of “you’ll move a little faster” had affected the drivers’ mood early on in FP3.

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“Especially when you have a little problem or like any subject, you can continue it all night long,” he added.

“You can also respond to it in factories – work with simulators and staff.

“But overall, as Voltaire said, we have a lot of practice, so you sit down to spend time. [usually].

“Now it’s just a session, so you think a little more than you would normally do to do FP1 or whatever.

“It’s a bit forgotten but there are a few things that can always be improved.”

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