Boris Johnson’s weirdest antics

Boris Johnson was appointed by the Conservative Party on Tuesday as party leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Flamboyant Johnson is not an impeccable figure. A compilation of his most striking antics.

In 2012, Johnson hosted the Olympic Games in his hometown as Mayor of London. He wanted to bring fringe animation to the limelight by riding on a death ride in Victoria Park. She was not employed riding, she got stuck before the end. It would be a shame for many politicians, that it was a perfect time for Johnson to steal the show.

A year later, Johnson was assigned a basketball. Once again he sees a perfect time to shine. He turns around and can imitate something he does.

You can’t really call Johnson a sportsman, but he always goes for it one hundred percent. So tough that he even deals with ten-year-olds during a game of rugby.

Johnson is one of the most well-known advocates of a tough Brexit. Last weekend he pulled out a ‘tipper’ to add some strength to his fight. It is a smoked herring, a distinctly British delicacy.

Last month, Johnson indicated an interview TalkRadio. When he got a question about his hobby, he looked very confused. That hobby? Making model buses from old wooden boxes. The explanation is best heard from the man himself.

In May last year, Johnson received a call from a man posing as the new Prime Minister of Armenia. The man was able to fool the then secretary of state for less than eighteen minutes.

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