Boris Johnson’s phone number available online for 15 years …

The case may give rise to a smile, but it worries our British friends. As specifically formulated by The Independent for 15 years, Boris Johnson’s personal telephone number has been freely accessible in a document, a press release, dating from 2006. He worries in England because many people could reach him. Above all, there is access to confidential information from 10 Downing Street. According to The Independent, the phone number was still in use until the evening of Thursday 29 April, but it was cut off since then.

Nevertheless, a state official allegedly advised him to change his phone number so that top business leaders, lobbyists or others could not contact him, but Boris Johnson reportedly ignored the advice. Another thorn in the British Prime Minister’s side, was already in turmoil following the revelation of an SMS affair with Dyson’s boss. Labor opposition accused James Dyson of allowing tax cuts, but used taxpayer money by private donors to finance his apartment work.

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National Security

The British media had pointed fingers at the conservative power and its personal interests as well as its ability to respond to the demands of the great merchants. A former British national security adviser, Peter Ricketts, told the BBC that finding this phone number “matters because it is a rare and precious commodity” and should ensure its safety online: “I am mostly highly placed in sensitive positions I talk to politicians, “whose telephone conversations are likely to have sensitive content, sensitive business information, to discuss them with favors or foreign leaders trying to pressure them for favors or tax benefits,” he warned.

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Earlier in the week, the Election Commission announced the start of an investigation into the work done by Boris Johnson in his apartment, which according to some sources would cost more than £ 200,000 (230,000 euros). Public funds normally cover work up to £ 30,000 (34,500 euros).

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