Boris Johnson’s mobile number for 15 years is available online

According to several British media, personal numbers of Boris Johnson have appeared on the internet since 2006. A revelation that is not trivial, if only from the standpoint of national security.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s personal mobile phone number has been freely available on the Internet for 15 years, British media reported on Friday, raising concerns for national security in the United Kingdom.

The number, which appears in a 2006 press release when Boris Johnson was an opposition MP, appears to be the Tory leader currently using, according to the BBC.

Agreement on telephone conversation

Created by AFP, it indicated in an automated message on Friday morning that the phone had been disconnected. This revelation comes as Boris Johnson is on the rise in fires of attacks on his integrity, most notably for the exchange of SMSes he had with industrialist James Dyson.

In these exchanges dating from the onset of the epidemic in March 2020, Boris Johnson promised to “settle” the tax situation of the equipment manufacturer’s employees who had to come to the United Kingdom to make respirations.

This episode highlighted the very close relationship between conservative power and private interests, and its superb availability for direct response to communications from businessmen.

“A very precious thing”

The fact that the Prime Minister’s private number is in the public domain “matters” because “it is a very valuable commodity,” Peter Ricketts, a former UK national security adviser, commented on BBC radio.

He considered that it was “in the interest of the leader” to ensure his online safety: “I’m talking above about high-ranking politicians in sensitive positions whose sensitive elements in telephone conversations, sensitive business information, people’s Likely to try. ” Pressing them for favors or tax benefits or discussion with foreign officials. “

Among other scandals that have shaken the government, the Election Commission, the regulator of accounts for political parties, announced on Wednesday to begin an investigation into financing the renovation of Boris Johson’s apartment in Downing Street. According to the media, the cost of the renovation reached 200,000 pounds (230,000 euros), which was more than £ 30,000 covered by public funds.

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