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Education, education, education, proclaimed Tony Blair: a mantra repeated by all British governments, even in times of epidemic. And there are actually schools in london First to last and to reopen. Last year, an exit from the first lockdown was announced with the school restart: and in subsequent months, with A series of stop-and-goEverything was done to guarantee teaching. So much so that even in total lockdown, schools never fully closed their doors, but continued to welcome the children of “essential” workers, such as health workers, and children from disadvantaged families: the school was a social service As, in short. Now the script repeats itself. All schools leave on monday, The first step towards exiting the current lockdown: to understand, shops will only be able to lift the shutters on April 12 and restaurants will have to wait until May 17.

Therefore, education is a top priority over the rest of the economy. Scientists who flank Boris Johnson’s government agree Schools do not represent a particular outbreak of contagion Compared to other situations and teachers do not take significant risks. But above all there is awareness that Interruption of learning increases social inequalities: It is mainly poor to young people who suffer from it, who, unlike wealthy families, do not have access to adequate support equipment.

But its formation is generally emphasized in London. Human capitalEssential to a knowledge economy, such as the British one, is based on highly specialized services. It is no coincidence that with schools and universities of excellence such as Oxford and Cambridge, British is the world’s best educational system in a large country, attracting hundreds of thousands of students from all over the planet.

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Then there is a direct financial impact of the closure of schools.: According to an estimate prepared by the Institute for Tax Studies, one of the most prestigious think tanks in London, there is less than forty thousand pounds (over 45 thousand euros) in earnings during a working life.
And it’s not just a personal problem: multiplying that figure by 8 million and 700 thousand British students, we get 350 billion in lost earnings, which in turn translates into 100 billion missed state taxes. She goes.

In short, closed schools not only harm children’s education, but They dig a hole in the treasure. The entire dynamic learning – underlining the institute’s report – is based on skills and knowledge acquired at previous levels. Without a remedial program, children will leave school with less knowledge and skills to go to work or with less ability to gain additional skills. There is a risk that technological progress and innovation will slow down.

Ultimately the damage to the whole country system. For this reason the Institute for Fiscal Studies has recommended, as a remedy for lost school months, an extension of the school year or the establishment of summer schools of recovery: and the Johnson government plans to follow these paths Is, even if the description is not yet defined.

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