Boris Johnson Wants a National Flagship

In memory of the luxurious Royal Yacht “Britania”, the British government is planning to build a new national flagship that will promote Brexit Britain’s interests in the world. Boris Johnson also wanted to use the ship to build a memorial to the late Prince Philip, but the royal palace is uneasy with the £200 million prestige project.

Royal yacht “Britania” from 1953 in the port of Leith near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Robert Perry / EPA

For 43 years, Her Majesty’s yacht “Britania” (HMY “Britania”) was a symbol of the United Kingdom and the global brilliance of the British monarchy. After her maiden voyage from Portsmouth to Malta in 1954, the 126-metre-long ship covered a million nautical miles and carried Queen Elizabeth II as well as other members of the royal family and other dignitaries from around the world. On his last voyage in 1997, HMY “Britannia” brought the last British governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patton, back to Great Britain. The flagship was closed by then Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair for cost reasons, and today it is anchored in the Port of Edinburgh as a tourist attraction. The Queen had always felt very comfortable on the Royal Yacht, the closing ceremony of the ship being one of the few moments in which the Queen publicly shed tears.

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