Boris Johnson urges caution despite UK cases falling

Boris Johnson called on his fellow citizens to be vigilant about the health situation, despite the recent drop in cases of coronavirus infection in the United Kingdom.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on his fellow citizens on Tuesday to “be very cautious” with regard to the health situation, despite a recent drop in cases of coronavirus infection in the United Kingdom.

In the grip of an explosion in cases attributed to the highly contagious Delta variant since the start of summer, the United Kingdom recently reported 60,000 new cases daily, but appears to have experienced a decline in recent days.

Since July 20, a day after the last virus restrictions were lifted, new infections have only dropped, reaching 24,950 new cases daily on Monday. This is a drop of over 69,000 cases in the last seven days (-21.5%).

More than 129,000 dead in Britain

“I clearly saw that we had better numbers for six days,” Boris Johnson told reporters on a visit to Guildford in south-west London.

“The fourth phase of the release took place a few days back,” he said. “People should be very careful,” he said, adding that “it was very important not to allow us to jump to conclusions about this fallout”.

The current recovery leaves scientists somewhat perplexed, while the government and its scientific advisers in early July feared 100,000 new positive cases per day in Europe’s second-worst bereaved country, killing more than 129,000 people .

Various factors responsible for reduction in pollution

“It’s surprising that the contamination rate has dropped so quickly and so suddenly,” Tuesday said Times Scientist Mark Walport, who is part of a group advising the government, “everyone is racking their brains to find the exact explanation.”

Among the reasons put forward: last week’s high temperature, the end of Euro football at the root of mainly male contamination and the success of a massive vaccination campaign, which already administered the first dose at 88% and the second to 70.5 Is. % of adults.

Public Safety Kit Secretary of State Malhouse pointed the finger at him sky News “Millions of Britons on holiday abroad who don’t get tested here” or the start of the school holidays, “natural firewalls” to detect new contamination, as school children were tested several times a week.

“It’s an interesting cocktail of effects, which is why we’ll have to wait until mid-August to see if the numbers continue to drop,” he said.

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