Boris Johnson urged to ban Bain from receiving government business after SA state capture report

  • Lord Peter Hahn called on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ban Bain & Company from doing business with the UK government.
  • He called Bain’s conduct “disgraceful” and “disgusting”.
  • The State Capture Inquiry called in law enforcement to investigate Bane.

Former UK government minister Lord Peter Hahn has called on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ban Bain & Co from doing business with the UK government, as the state capture investigation report was released last week.

The report was scathing about the involvement of United States Management Consultants with the SA Revenue Service and recommended that law enforcement agencies investigate their conduct, leading to a lawsuit against Bain for awarding contracts to the group by SARS. can.

The report highlights the Contempt for Government Procurement Law, which was originally regarded as a six-week contract for approximately 2.6 million rand, in a contract that lasted 27 months and caused SARS The cost was approximately 164 million rand.

Given Bain’s “illegal” role in SARS, the report recommended that all of Bain’s contracts with state departments and bodies be reviewed for regulatory and constitutional compliance.

In a letter to Johnson, Hahn said the recommendations were “astonishing, confirming” that the South African authorities were deeply concerned about Bain’s hateful activities at this company.

“That a multinational corporation like Bain behaves as a willful and conscious ally in the corruption of those who intend to undermine the South African state and its democracy is reprehensible. Therefore I find it completely unacceptable that Bain and The company is permitted to operate commercially in the UK and is approved by your government by contracting work with government departments and public sector bodies.”

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In 2017, the British firm Bell Pottinger was kicked out of the UK Public Relations and Communications Association for its promotional campaign in South Africa, which served undercover.

The report revealed that Bain had information prior to the announcement of the appointment of former Commissioner Tom Moyne, and that Bain’s former managing partner, Vittorio Massone, had frequent meetings with former President Jacob. Zuma.

They also found that Ben and Moyne had submitted detailed plans for the restructuring of SARS even before Moyne’s official appointment. The investigation found that the restructuring Bain coordinated for SARS had hindered his ability to raise revenue and enforce tax laws.

Bain & Company issued a statement on Thursday saying it supports the state’s occupation investigation, but the conclusion it has come to about its advisory work is disappointing.

“While we support the Commission and its work, we are disappointed that Part I of the Commission’s report misrepresents the role of Bain in SARS. Although we have made mistakes in our work with SARS, we are proud of it.” We are convinced that we do not, intentionally or deliberately, support the occupation of the state by SARS or elsewhere,” the statement said.

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