Boris Johnson: Strong Attack on European Super League

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has harshly attacked a new football competition called the European Super League which could begin on 21 August. English teams joining the Super League have been widely criticized by their fans who have stated that they are against the trade of their faith. Money has always gone into the world and football is no exception.

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Boris Johnson: What did the English premiere say?

Boris Johnson described the new league, which includes six major English clubs, as “ridiculous”. The league’s 12 founding members face a furious backlash after unveiling proposals for a breakaway tournament. One team insisted that they “save the football”. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said the decision to form the new league would be part of his club as “young people are no longer interested” in the game. He told a Spanish TV show: “Audiences are decreasing and rights are decreasing and something has had to be done. We are all doomed. Must be able to change television ”. The 14 Premier League clubs that did not participate in the new venture would also discuss their reaction later.

All against super league

Fans and pundits have expressed anger and outrage at what he said would be an unfair competition that would force many teams out of European football. The proposed championship, which was described by a government minister as a “closed shop” of football, then united all MPs of every party against it. As per the plans, the 12 founding football clubs will be permanent members and will never be canceled. Critics say the new league could suppress the current Champions League and upset the current “pyramid” of football, which makes teams go up or down based on merit.

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Boris Johnson: What did he write to The Sun?

Prime Minister Johnson wrote a letter to the Sun, stating that he was “horrified” by the implication for clubs across the country. In a direct message to fans, he said: “This is your game and you can be sure that I will do everything possible to give this ridiculous plan a straight red”. Former England captain Alan Shearer told BBC Breakfast that six English clubs should be dropped from the Premier League as they said they aimed to play in the European Super League anyway. “It’s not fair what they’re doing, it’s not competitive, it’s a closed shop and you can’t have a competition in which no one else is allowed to enter,” he said. “You can hear and see the anger of almost everyone in the football world.”

How will TV rights work?

Meanwhile, the chairman of the governing body of European Football Ufa, Alexander Seferin, has warned players who play for FSA teams that they will be “banned from the World Cup and European Championships”. Sky Sports confirmed that it was “not involved in any discussion” on the separatist league. “We are fully focused on supporting our long-term football partners in the UK and Europe,” the broadcaster said. The UK Regulatory, Competition and Markets Authority said it is a “complex area” but it would “carefully evaluate all aspects of the competition for these proposals”.

Does England agree on Football Super League?

On 19 April, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said that if football authorities could not prevent English clubs from joining ESL, the government would “do whatever it takes” to protect national football. He added that club owners should “remember that they are only temporary patrons of these clubs and they forget the fans at their own risk”. The CEO of the Football Supporters Association, Kevin Miles, said the new league “destroyed that dream” for a fan of his team that got promoted. “It is based on power, it is based on greed, it is based on money. It is not based on the results of the game, ”he said. Speaking to the BBC Newscast, Miles said that the government “can make life very difficult for participating clubs”: “There are tax exemptions, these elite clubs enjoy all sorts of things, allowing the government to intervene.” Can do. “

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English fans against Super League

Off-pitch protests took place across the country yesterday, with Liverpool and Leeds fans gathered in front of the Yorkshire club’s Aland Road Stadium before the evening’s game. Leeds players wore shirts with the Champions League logo and “proceeds” written next to “is for football fans” and left their shirts in Liverpool’s locker room when they wanted to join the protest. An aircraft also flew overhead with a banner saying “Say No to the Super League”.

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